Prophets Promote Unity

PBUT = Peace be upon them

As all Muslims know, God all mighty always promotes unity in Islam. Unity has been promoted in the Quran.
Quran (Translator: Faridul Haque) (13:21):
Those who unite what Allah has commanded to be united, and fear their Lord, and apprehend the evil of the account

For Muslims, The Prophets (PBUT) are their best role models, and Muslims believe, no one understands and has knowledge of the scripture (Quran, Bible, Psalms, etc.) more better then the Prophets (PBUT) who have been chosen by God.

For Muslims no matter where we are on earth, what our nationality is, what our occupation is, what our skin colour is, and how much we earn, all Muslims should strive hard every day to promote unity with each other, and to make peace with one another.

One verse of the Quran which all Muslims should highly focus on is the following verse:
Quran (Translator: Yousuf Ali) (13:21):
But people have cut off their affair (of unity), between them, into sects: each party rejoices in that which is with itself

In relation to the verse above, the main objective for all Muslims is to prevent disunity at all cost, as when people of a community disunites, then that community becomes weaker, and therefore making it harder for that community to progress in life. If Muslims around the world treat Islam as one big community, then all Muslims should put their differences asides, and come together as one community.

So everyday, each Muslim around the world, should strive hard to unite with one another, and to create peace and helping one another, as this was part of the message from all our Prophets (PBUT).